The beginning of a better life.

My quest for better living started rather oddly. I was working as a creative at a small advertising agency in Soho, and was given a brief for Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK), a UK charity focused on tackling the problems caused by pesticides. Throughout my career I’ve worked on all types of brands, from cars to vaginal wipes (yup), but never has a brief had an impact my life like this one.

Most of the time I want to get the research out of the way as quickly as possible so focus on the creative idea, but with PAN UK I couldn’t get enough. I spent days trawling their website and reading their reports. I couldn’t believe some of the things I was reading. It opened up my eyes to the poisonous world that we have somehow deemed acceptable to live in.


One fact that we based our final idea on, was that vinclozolin – a pesticide commonly found in fruit and vegetables – not only is a possible human carcinogen, but also disrupts hormones to the point where in male rats it can begin to alter their sex – with reduced penis size and the appearance of vaginal pouches.

From this day on I started to look at the world differently. What was I eating? What am I putting on my skin? Is this why cancer is on the increase?

First of all made small changes to my routine – buying organic foods where possible and thoroughly washing vegetables that weren’t, but it has now lead to a way of life for me. I now only use natural products on my skin and I started an eco-friendly brand, Eco Boutique, with my advertising creative partner Lynsey Scott.

This blog isn’t intended to push my lifestyle, but instead make people aware of the good and the bad things things that could make a difference to their life.


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