Parched hair’s lifesaver

KNOW THIS: Natural oils are amazing at saving parched hair.

WHY? They’re full of fatty acids, which replace the lipids lost in dry hair.

HOW DO I USE IT? Use it as a treatment or daily to quench parched hair.


Parched hair’s lifesaver

A few years ago I ruined my hair. Badly.

It happened in Cannes. I was there for the Cannes Lions advertising festival, which is basically five days of pool and beach parties. My hair doesn’t really get greasy, so for the duration I was there I just styled it with tongs every morning without washing in-between. When I got back to the UK I realised my hair had turned to straw. I’d been taking out all the moisture from my hair with the tongs and then standing in the sun all day, which completely dried it out. It felt like wire and the last four inches were a frazzled mess. It was so bad I was actually repulsed by it.


No amount of conditioner seemed to have any effect on it. The Kérastase hair oil spray I was using helped a bit, but I needed something stronger, so I looked into hair oils. Moroccan oil has been getting a lot of hype recently, but the famous brand supplied to hair salons contains various silicones that coat the hair, as well as a load of other nasties, so I wanted to opt for a natural oil.

Then I came across Fushi’s Really Good Hair Oil, a blend of oils – Moroccan Argan and Virgin Coconut oils – known for their hair strengthening and smoothing properties; Avocado oil – rich in vitamin E; Sweet Almond oil – to replenish and restore shine and moisture; Brahmi – rich in antioxidants and helps with hair growth; and Neem – promotes a healthier scalp and is beneficial for thinning hair. After a month of using it (and a trim later) my hair was not only restored, but shinier than it’s ever been.


It’s also made my waves way more manageable. I’ve only just begun to love my unruly, wavy hair, and it’s all down to using oils. I’ve tried pretty much every frizz easing product on the market and I’ve never found one that worked. I used to use a combination of three different styling products to tame my frizzy hair. But since using Fushi’s Really Good Hair Oil, I’ve hardly had one single frizzy day.

I put 3 x 5p sized portions onto wet hair after washing (1 on each side of my hair and 1 on the ends with my head upside down) and it dries with perfect beach waves. The next morning it’s usually frizzy, so I’ll put some water in my hands and scrunch my hair, then rub 1 x 5p size amount of oil between my hands and scrunch all over and it’s like new!

One thing I must mention is that my hair is very porous and can take a lot of product – a LOT. If your hair is straight or fine-normal, you won’t be able use hair oil in the same way that I do – it’ll look greasy. I’d suggest using it as a treatment instead, or mix it with water in a spray dispenser so it’s not as strong.

Either way, I’d highly recommend using it to revive dry hair.

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